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my little turn into a monkey Anyone else complete once they were mobile?

Over the last 2 weeks my 9 1 / 2 months has mastered crawling, rolling, scooter, pulling up to stand, cruising, and just generally get in ALL. This morning I put dog food on the kitchen table and she sat and screamed at him for a moment, then pulled all the empty cereal boxes from recycled play with. At this point she has a coaster, all bibs, and cereal boxes again. It funny, and I do not want to obstruct his exploration, but how the heck do I get anything done? Now she is in everything, I want the house more cleaner than ever, but I'm too busy chasing its nothing to do. I used to use a sling a lot, but she wants to be to speak. I finally broke the Reading Pen ("baby jail" aka by her husband) - is that the only solution? All ladies Other ideas? This door is great, Mom Hannah. Our living room and kitchen are open to each other, too, so I was looking for some something like that, and that it is cheapest I've seen!

We obtained From this door Superyard Babies R Us We have a large family room that opens directly into the kitchen. We have implemented the open door to keep our girl in the family room. The door can also be placed in an octagonal shape, so it can be used as a 'park', but much more great. We are totally baby proof the family room and her toys are there. I can leave him there to play while I cook dinner and gathering the house. It was a total lifesaver for us. It is also good for us because it keeps our two dogs away from her. She thinks it is toys to ride up and pull their hair! EDIT: Target has for $ 59.99 and free shipping ? ie = UTF8 & node = 256552011 & frombrowse = 1 & rh = & page = 1

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